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August 29, 2013

Demon Wrought (chapter 3)

by Len

Berg (3)


Demon Wrought

Chapter Three


Priam had been nervously awaiting his sister’s return; worry clearly etched on his young face as the two females approached the house. He quickly ran to Helen and she fell into his arms. Her shoulders bobbed as her tears absorbed into her younger brother’s night shirt. Priam looked to Beth for answers.

“She is not hurt,” Beth answered the wordless question. “She was lucky that Berg found her though, or things could have been very different.” The words caused Helen’s imagination to run wild, and her crying escalated into an uncontrolled frenzy. Beth looked at the boy holding his terrified sister, and she felt sympathy for the Troy family. “I think, perhaps, you should keep this incident to yourselves. The girl has already had to deal with so much, I think telling your parents would be…”

“The proper path for us,” Priam finished Beth’s sentence. “Thank you for everything you have done this night, my lady. Keeping secrets from our family is what caused this horror in the first place, and we will not make that same mistake again.”

Beth was surprised at the intensity and confidence of Priam. He was completely in control, and was dismissing her. She smiled, realizing that Helen was in good hands.

From the window above, Castor and Pollux looked down on the trio. The boys were not old enough to understand why they couldn’t look away from the cleavage pressing up from Beth’s dress, but they were old enough to know they didn’t want avert their gaze. When the voluptuous woman finally walked away, the twins nervously grinned at each other and lay back down in bed. They made sure they were back to back. The two boys hoped to quickly fall asleep; they longed for dreams of the woman and her breasts.


Berg forced the man into the Crab Trap, and searched for Larkin. Ricci noticed the half-demon and immediately made his way over to him. “If you are looking for Larkin,” Ricci stated, “he has already returned home. Let me help you.”

“I would rather lie naked and dying in a desert,” Berg stated. He gave Ricci a smile and yanked the condemned man back outside. Berg either did not hear or simply did not care about the protests of Ricci. The fat man cursed the half-demon, and called down every degradation he could fathom. Berg and his prisoner made their way to the jailhouse with the man struggling the entire way.

“I didn’t know she was just a kid, Berg,” he argued over and over again. “Honestly, it won’t happen again. I swear on my life.” As they got closer and closer to the prison, the man pulled harder and harder against Berg.

“I will cut your damn head off if you don’t stop pulling against me,” Berg turned angrily on the man. “You tried to rape a little girl. It is taking everything I have not to cut you into pieces and throw you in the sea. But I promise, if you yank me one more time or say another fucking word…” Berg let the threat hang in the air between them for a moment before continuing to the jailhouse.

Perhaps it was the look in the half-demon’s eyes or maybe it was the fact that the air had turned much colder as Berg spoke, but the man did not speak or pull anymore.


“Baby, I know that things haven’t been the same between you and Ricci lately,” Dani spoke as she slipped out of her dress, “but I want you to be careful.”

Larkin pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a muscled chest and abdomen covered in scars. The man had seen and survived many battles. “I am not scared of Ricci.”

“Yes, I know,” Dani continued, “but he does run the city.”

“I know that,” Larkin countered. “You think I don’t know that he runs the city?” The muscles in his chest and arms tensed as he continued. “I have to choose the men I take on these missions very carefully, because I KNOW that he will try to find out exactly what strategies we are using. He is in with the knights, I swear it, Dani.”

“Well, no one believes that to be the case.”

“No one?!” Larkin asked.

“Don’t try to spin my words, Larkin Dane.” Dani shot back. “I have never doubted you or questioned your methods. Never once have I complained as you trampled off to fight demon knights alongside a demon spawn. So you will not try to take my words and twist them into some version where I lack faith in you.” Larkin just stared at his lovely wife. He had pushed her to this point with his words, and now he had to endure the tirade. “But… just because I believe you does not mean that others share my faith. Ricci is powerful, and people are more afraid of his power than they are of you and your men. So, be careful. If you cannot do that, then I would rather us just leave this place.”

Larkin grabbed her delicate face in his large hands and promised her that he would be careful.

August 22, 2013

Demon Wrought (Chapter 2)

by Len

Berg (3)

Demon Wrought

Chapter 2

The Cold

It had been a long day for Berg, and the night had been even more grueling. He usually enjoyed the attention, but tonight had been too much. Everyone was asking too many questions, and it was making his head hurt. He was finally sitting by himself, trying to order his thoughts.

“Are you alright, baby?” a voluptuous woman wrapped her arms around Berg’s neck. Her breasts pushed against the back of his head, sending waves of heat through his otherwise cold body. Berg thought for a moment about turning her away, but decided against it. He could use the distraction. His body language told her that he was interested. “Want to head over to my place and I can make you feel better?”

Berg did not want to waste his night with Beth. “How about we just go outside?”

Beth didn’t really care to spend the full night with Berg, but she had a fire of her own that the frost demon spawn always seemed to know exactly how to extinguish.

They made their way outside and the woman dropped her dress down, exposing her ample breasts. The frigid night air made her nipples harden. Beth gave Berg the look, promising pleasure and release. Berg approached and kissed her neck. As his skin touched hers, goose bumps sprang up across her flesh. His hands went to her ass, and she whimpered with practiced perfection.

Berg almost failed to hear the muffled cries over Beth’s moaning. Almost. He pushed her away.

“What…” Beth started, but Berg put his finger over her mouth. Then, she heard it as well. As Berg took off toward the sounds, she quickly pulled her dress back over her shoulders.


Larkin and Dani finally entered the Crab Trap to join the celebration. The man wore simple clothes, but Dani felt the need to dress up. She did not want the people of Dorsi to start mumbling that Larkin deserved better. Larkin gave her a smile, his pearly white teeth shining through his beard. She knew that he would never lay with another women; his honor was too strong. However, she wanted to make sure that he never wanted to.

Everyone congratulated him on the great victory. Larkin smiled, and shook hands. Dani knew that he hated the attention, and Larkin squeezed her hand as the words poured over him. Usually Berg would absorb the praise, but the half-demon was nowhere to be found.

Larkin saw Ricci approaching and tried to find a way to avoid the interaction. There were simply too many people around. Larkin felt the man’s hand on his shoulder. He spun and feigned surprise.

“Larkin, I need to have a word with you,” Ricci said without any need for small talk. Then he walked back to the same table where Berg had denied him earlier. Larkin did not immediately follow Ricci. He made his way to each of the soldiers who had been with him that day; giving his thanks to them. By the time Larkin got back to Ricci’s table, the head of the city was fuming.

“Sorry,” Larkin stated, “I had to talk to my men.” Ricci glared. “You remember my wife, Dani?” The woman smiled at Ricci, despite the fact that she hated the man.

Ricci did not even acknowledge Larkin’s wife. “I need to know what happened out there today.”



Larkin put his nose against Ricci’s nose. “I said it. You sit there, all fat and happy, but I remember when we were boys. You were Ricky then, but still a coward. You disrespect my wife, and then ask for information? You are a fool, among your many flaws.”

Ricci pulled away. “You think I can’t get the information from one of your men?”

“I know you can’t.” Larkin answered without hesitation. “If I find out that you have even tried, then I will beat your ass down.”

“A threat?” Ricci tried to sound brave, but his voice cracked and betrayed his bravado. He tried to recover, “I have the law on my side, Larkin.”

“My authority comes from a higher power,” Larkin smiled. “If you challenge me, you will lose.”


Berg quickly located the sounds. It seemed a man was trying to take advantage of a lady. The man was having a rough time of it, however. It was about to get much worse for the man. Berg grabbed the man by his tunic and pulled him off of the woman. The man threw a wild elbow into the frost demon’s chin. The air grew immediately colder. However, Berg did not have to strike the man; for the woman came up and clawed her attacker’s face. Then she grabbed hold of his ear and tried to rip it off.

Beth grabbed the woman, and pulled her away from the man. She started to try to calm her down, which was no easy task. Berg was glad that Beth was with him. As Berg looked at the two women, he realized that it was just a child in Beth’s arms.

“She wanted it,” the man screamed as he tried to shrug Berg off.

“She just tried to rip your ear off,” Berg responded. “I have enjoyed some crazy nights, but it never escalated into missing ears.”

Beth, too, realized that she held a girl not a woman. “This is a child,” she stated with disgust. There was no hiding the repulsion in her voice.

“Out this late? With a dress like that?” the man argued. “How could I know?”

“If you were deceived, which I doubt, it was because you wanted to be fooled.” Berg slapped the man in the face. “Her dress does not fit, loose in all the places a woman would fill. No make-up and no jewelry. My guess is that her mother would notice if the make-up had been used; and she couldn’t risk losing any jewelry. However, the dress; her mother probably outgrew the dress with hopes but no realities of wearing it again someday. A child playing dress up; nothing more.”

“How do you know all that?” the man asked.

“Because I did not want to be fooled.”

“Just kill me,” the man begged. “If my wife finds out…”

Berg slapped the man again. “I hope she kills you. No, I hope she ruins you. I want her to absolutely destroy you; the way you tried to ruin and destroy this girl’s life.” Berg motioned for Beth to take her home. Beth slapped the man as they walked past, and his mouth filled with blood. “Pull your pants up, and let’s go have a talk with Larkin.”

“No, not Larkin!” the man shouted as he pulled his pants up around his waist. Berg slapped him again.

June 20, 2013

Solitary Ogre

by Len

solitary ogre

Two young girls sat facing one another with legs crossed. They clapped hands and sang a little cheer, “Snow is white. Sky is blue. Wendigo will devour you.” The alternated between clapping their own hands, and slapping each other’s. They were bundled in many layers of fur and sitting in a small hut made of animal skins. They were concentrating so much on the rhyming game, that they hardly felt the biting cold of the ice beneath them. However, they did notice the slight vibrations. The two young girls peeked out from behind the fur wall, and saw three giants walking toward the water. As frightened as they were, they could not take their eyes off of the trio.

“See the human hut?” one of the giants asked. He carried a large three-pronged hook, with a long rope coiled over his shoulder. The giant’s name was Elom, and this was his first fishing trip to the frozen seas to the north of Titus.

“Yeah,” stated Omri, a giant who was wearing nothing but a fur loin cloth. He was a therian, and the freezing temperature did not affect him at all. Omri could take the form of a saber-toothed tiger, or a hybrid of giant and cat.

The third giant, Aron, scoffed, “We aren’t worried about humans right now. We are going fishing, and you are worrying about humans.” Aron was a leader of the armies of Titus, and he couldn’t tolerate a lack in focus. “What do you think those men have that we could possibly want?” Elom understood and ignored the question, hoping it would die between them. Aron did not like being ignored. “I asked you a question, fool! Do you want some blubber? Perhaps some tiny whale bone tools?” Omri and Aron laughed.

“I don’t want any of that,” Elom waved them away with his huge hand. “I was just making an observation.”

Aron knowingly looked at Omri, who stated, “I smelled the pups before we got near the water. Unlike you, however, I simply didn’t care.”

No more words passed between the three of them as they made their way to the water. The plan for fishing was simple. Throw the treble hook as far into the water as possible, and then pull it back to the icy shore with the rope. The sturgeon that the giants hunted were bottom feeders, and would easily be snagged by the iron prongs. Elom went first, and after several throws ended up catching a sturgeon that was about 9′ long. He was pleased with his haul. Aron was up next, and he quickly snagged a huge fish. It took a lot of fighting before he finally got the leviathon to the bank. It was a good 13′ fish, bony protrusions running the length of it’s back.

“That is the biggest sturgeon I have ever seen,” Elom remarked. Aron held it up by the gills, and at shoulder level the tail still dragged the ground. As Elom was admiring the fish, he noticed something behind Aron. “What is that?” he pointed at a dark spot amidst the ice and snow.

“Not more human junk,” Aron complained. “I thought I told you about that.”

“No,” Omri said flatly. “It looks like an old ship. Definitely worth checking out while we are this close.”

“Do you smell anything?”

“No, not close enough yet,” Omri answered. “Follow me.” The giant silently shifted into the form of a saber-toothed tiger and raced on all fours toward the ship. The others did their best to keep up with the therian. Omri stopped as he got near the ship, and Aron and Elom caught up. Aron could tell by Omri’s raised hackles that something was not right.

“What is it?”

Omri shifted into his hybrid form. His head remained feline, with his huge teeth bared; yet he walked on two legs ending in large clawed paws. “Not sure what it is, exactly.” He hated to admit that he couldn’t figure the scents out. “I smell woolly rhino, but I think there may be an ogre in there as well.” Ogres were the sworn enemy of the giants, however, these giants were not prepared for battle. They were on a fishing trip. Omri had his natural weapons, while Aron had a small (by giant standards, anyway) axe, and Elom had a skinning knife.

“Just one?” Aron asked. Omri nodded. “Are you certain?”

“Come on,” the giant tiger shoved the other two toward the ship. The three giants walked into the broken hull of the abandoned ship.

A booming voice echoed through the vessel, “Get out!”

“You don’t command Aron, son of Isak, general of the armies of Titus!” Aron announced. “Show yourself, that you may receive a quick death.” Elom chuckled, but Omri was still confused.

“Death climbed upon me while still in the womb,” the voice continued. “Leave me in peace.” A hulking figure standing slightly shorter than the giants, but just as broad stepped out of the shadows. At first it appeared that he was wearing shoulder pads and a helmet, but upon further inspection they realized that it was all flesh. A large horn protruded from the beast’s face. Omri understood; he was in the presence of another therian; a runt.

“Kill him, Aron!” cackled Elom. However Omri put his huge clawed hand on his friend’s shoulder, holding him in his place.

“Leave me alone,” the runt wererhino yelled again. He smashed the side of the ship with a huge club made of whale bone. The force of the strike made the giants step back.

“Come with us,” Omri stated which took the other two giants by complete surprise. For some reason, Omri felt compassion for the therian runt. It did not matter that he was an ogre; for who could even tell, trapped as he was in his hybrid form. Omri could tell in the way that the rhino lowered his club that the beast was considering the proposition. “We can help you. You don’t have to live out here alone.”

“Help me?” the runt, Kwan, asked. “How can you help me? Can you give me a new face?”

Omri had completely forgotten about his two giant companions; he was focused now on someone who could understand him on a completely different level. His friends could never know how it felt to be tainted with the spirit and blood of an animal. However, this ogre could share in those feelings. Omri longed to have this runt in his life. “I cannot change your face, nor would I want to. I can, however, offer you a chance at a normal life. We don’t care much about how someone looks. If you can fight, then you will thrive in our society. Come with us. If you do not like living in Titus, then I deliver you back to this ship myself.” Aron grabbed Omri’s arm to try to get him to stop, but the weretiger shrugged him off without even turning to look upon him.

Kwan followed the three giants out of the ship. He hoped that what Omri spoke was true. He hoped that he would be accepted in Titus. Kwan was full of hope; Omri was as well.

They all went back to grab the two sturgeon. The giant sturgeon was still there, but the smaller one that Elom had caught was missing. “Those damn humans took my fish,” Elom complained. The giants laughed at his misfortune, and would not let him go and take it back. They had found something much more interesting than a medium sized fish.

When the two girls’ fathers returned, they were surprised to see the 9′ sturgeon laying outside of the hut.