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October 28, 2013

Disperser, The Return – Week 16

by disperser

Good news and bad news (or good news, depending on if you like what I write) . . . Due to increasing life-load, life has gotten loaded, and I find it increasingly difficult keeping up with my writing.

That is the good news . . . the bad news is that if a substitute writer cannot be found, I shall have to put up incomplete stories, or nothing at all.

So, here is a poll . . .

Counter-intuitively, I’m trying NaNoWriMo (50K words novel written during the month of November).  I’m writing completely seat-of-the-pants; no outline, no plan, not even an idea until November 1.

I could try posting my progress, but, you know, it’s probably going to be crap.  In other words, pretty close to what I’ve been posting each week.

Regardless, this might be my last post here for a while, and what I have this week are three short offerings written in response to writing prompts.  I hope they will entertain.

Oh, they are presented going from the silliest, to the more serious.

October 21, 2013

Disperser, The Return – Week 15

by disperser

I sit here, listening to the soundless falling of snow and the windless night, wondering why ogres, goblins, and dark creatures are so quiet out there, in the dark night.

They are probably texting each other so as to not give themselves away by their grotesque speech.  

A good thing that; their heads at an uncomfortable angle, their hands occupied, it makes it easy slipping by them. They don’t notice the shadow approaching behind them . . . the pizza truck is here!

That is what is called “free-writing”.  Some call it “babbling”.  

The truth is I needed something to write in what has become a weekly tradition (41 weeks if you count my first stint as Monday writer). After a while, one runs out of stuff, and it becomes increasingly difficult to catch the reader’s attention.

I could put up a picture of some animal doing something cute, but even that has reached expectations which exceed my capability to deliver. 

. . . no; I have pride . . . instead, I will post a video of something I discovered quite by accident . . . Epic Music.

Now, likely every reader of this site know about Epic Music, but this was all new to me. I mean, I’ve heard it in movies, but not presented like this.

This sample has a bunch of good music paired with interesting graphics, and I advise readers view it all, but by far the piece I liked the best starts at the 21m 43s mark, and uses the climax from Real Steel (much better than the actual music used in the movie, IMHO) as background for the music by Two Steps From Hell (I bought the music). (note, if it does not start at the right place, go there first)

Visually, the next piece I like is at the 55m 00s mark, and is set to graphics from the game Hitman (I’m a big fan of the movie).

OK, on with the SV-1 story.

October 14, 2013

Disperser, The Return – Week 14

by disperser

Week 14 . . . swift, the passage of time, except when there are deadlines to meet.  Also, when one is eating broccoli.  

It’s uncanny, really.  I grab a few pieces of chocolate, set them down by my keyboard, reach for one, and enjoy its taste and texture.  I reach for the next one . . . and it’s gone!  I look all over, but its no use; the truth is evident.  I ate it without even realizing it.  

Now, I sit for dinner . . . I’ve negotiated with my wife, and the large portion of required broccoli intake has been pared down to two medium stalks. 

I grab one of the stalks, willing my taste buds into hibernation (they refuse).  I manage a quick couple of chews, and sent it on its way to what I consider to be its fitting and eventual resting place.  One down, one to go . . . wait!  . . . there are two left!  How can that be!?

Such is life . . . swiftly do the good things flash in and out of our lives, sometimes without our awareness registering their passing until they are but a memory.

. . . and the bad stuff . . . it pummels us, demanding our attention, robbing us of our precious peace of mind, and seemingly lingering until almost unbearable.  Time does its bidding, slowing to a crawl, and making it difficult to remember that this, too, shall pass.

I don’t know if my contributions are in the first or latter category, but at least they are not mandatory reading.