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September 22, 2013

The Sharp Giants (part 10)

by Gaston Prereth

We return back to Sharp Giants after the brief break.  For those of you who haven’t been following the serial, you can go here to read the first installment. Once again i appologise for being late this week, I will be posting on time for the next few weeks which, I hope, will take us to the conclusion of The Sharp Giants.

Dancer was sitting alone in the captain’s bedroom. The air felt heavy, as if she were still wearing her suit. Everything was pressing against her. She had spent the night taking care of Hibbard’s body with Kendrick. They had intended to bury him, but the ground had been too hard and in the end they laid his body down on the surface and stacked loose rocks over him. Dancer had wanted to place a cross as a headstone, but Kendrick had refused to let her.

“He wasn’t religious.” He’d said as if talking about a distant and unloved relative, “and besides we don’t have anything with which to make a cross. He wouldn’t want to cause a fuss and interrupt the mission. The best thing we can do for him now is to complete our job and ensure he’s remembered for our success.”

Dancer looked down at the pile of rocks, a pang of pain rifling through her chest. “He was fine when we left. I don’t understand how he could have gone downhill so quickly. Just as we got to the Sharp Giants. He didn’t even get to see them.”

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August 31, 2013

The Sharp Giants (part 9)

by Gaston Prereth


“The detail is incredible, there is almost no wear at all.” Said Dancer as she studied the belly of the first Giant. There were three statues in the cavern all depicting the same strange creature, but none of them were identical and each had its own idiosyncrasies in construction. They all faced in one direction, but were not arranged in any discernible pattern. In fact their positions looked casual, almost transient in their placement as if they were in the process of being moved.

Dancer was on her back underneath the largest of the three sculptures, the first one that Portillo had seen. While from a distance the body of the creature had appeared to be as smooth as polished marble, up close she could see thousands of tiny etched lines. Hundreds and hundreds of tiny shield-shaped scales covering the whole of the body. She stroked her gloved hand along the stone stomach. The scales were so small and delicate that she could not feel them through her gloves. She longed to take them off and touch her skin to the stone. She wanted to feel its texture, its temperature, everything about it. “What do you think it is? A sea monster, some sort of lizard, or one of them? Could this really be what Martians looked like?”

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August 24, 2013

The Sharp Giants (part 8)

by Gaston Prereth

He could still feel them inside him, oscillating through every muscle in his body. His insides were in constant flux. His tendons vibrating. Each organ screaming to be let out. He felt sick, but was no longer sure how to vomit. His insides were burning, yet cold and distinct. Everything was in turmoil, but his skin felt numb and inflamed. A memory coalesced in his mind.

He was cycling along a dusty track. A mountain pass. The sky was a deep ice blue untarnished by clouds and around him towered great pine trees with claw-like branches and spindle trunks. He was going fast. Others were with him. His old bike bouncing and shuddering over the uneven ground. Little stones clicked off the mudguard. A woodpecker dug for grubs. His hands were numb, clinging to the hard rubber of the handles. Holding on tight. His legs ached, his chest was leaden. His bike beneath him was a wild animal, trying to tear itself from his grasp.

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