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April 25, 2014

Puddles of Malcontent

by Len

Tears stream down mixing with rain

Cold and lonely, opened to pain

My soul lay bare and my resolve is spent

As I sink in the puddles of malcontent

Fighting a battle I cannot win

Rain and tears run down my skin

My once proud form now is bent

As I kneel in the puddles of malcontent

To give up hope is to slowly die

But my heart is dark, so too the sky

I fear my time has been wastefully spent

As I drop in the puddles of malcontent

I pray for wisdom to see me through

For skies and eyes of truest blue

The key to my happiness, the answer sent

My reflection in the puddles of malcontent

Through all the rain and through the haze

I see myself in better days

Long have I sought love wherever it went

Now I rise from the puddles of malcontent

Rather we are together or even apart

I am the captain of my own heart

So when the sun shines, I will not lament

For the drying of puddles of malcontent

September 2, 2012

Song of my Soul

by Devina

This is one of my favourite poems written by a fellow poet, Celeste, one of the many over at Poets’ Corner. I think it’s beautiful, it makes me feel. I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I do.

July 29, 2012

The Promise

by Patrick Dykie
     This is a poem I wrote last year and posted on Darkjade’s blog, “The Dark Night.” I brought it back and posted it here, because I was visiting a client last week, and saw a homeless man outside his office building. With the economy being so bad it seems that more and more people are finding themselves in desperate situations. I’ve been through some tough times in my life, and as I sometimes say, ” But for the grace of God go I”, it could have been me sitting there alone and feeling hopeless. This poem was my first foray into the world of poetry. The style, flow, and rhyming scheme are reminiscent of one of my favorite poets, William Wordsworth. This poem was selected  last year by “The World Poetry Movement” as a semi-finalist in their open poetry contest. After the poem, I wrote a little about its meaning, and how I came to write it. I hope you enjoy it, and take something with you today.