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May 29, 2012

Get To Know Your Assistant Editor – 10 Reasons Why Pete Is Awesome

by 'Ard Pete

You’ve read my posts, some of you may have even liked my posts but you must be wondering, “Who is this mysterious handsome man they call ‘Ace’?”

Don’t feel guilty, you’d be right for asking because if you read Evolution of Insanity, you only get to know what’s happening in my daily life, to an outsider I’m just some guy that constantly moans about being screwed over by work and people; while it is true these things happen alot, don’t they to most people?

Thus I have decided to let you all in on who is the real Peter Howorth and why I am so great.

This idea came about around an hour ago when I realised how early in the morning it was and how much I didn’t need sleep. Rather than think, “I should go to bed.” I thought, “I should be letting others know my awesomeness.”

So here it is, ten reasons why I am awesome:

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