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January 26, 2014

Oblivion… In Review

by darkjade68

Oblivion_wallpaper 2_1680Oblivion… In Review

Story; The Story is good enough. Sixty years ago, our moon was destroyed by an Alien Force. We won the war, but Earth is just about unlivable.


Visuals; This is a Beautiful Movie. Good Directing, Great Cinematography. Great Production Design.


629018-oblivion.gifJack (Tom Cruise); Cruise is s Good Actor… He does a good job.

oblivion_olga_kurylenko-1400x1050Julia (Olga Kurylenko); This actress also did a good job.

oblivion-2Victoria (Andrea Riseborough); This actress is also good.

li-oblivion-freeman-waldau-cp-04293048Additional Characters; Morgan Freeman is in it, but it’s not much of a Character/Role. Also Nikoloj Coster-Waldau from “Game Of Thrones” (Jamie). His character in “Game Of Thrones” is brilliant, but his character in this film is almost nothing.

oblivion-movie-droneThe Drones; The Drones are actually the most interesting characters beyond Cruise, and the Two Girls… They are a very cool part of this film.

oblivionOverall Rating; Reading this Review, it may not be obvious, but this is a very good film. Like I say, the Visuals are Stunning, and the Story is Good Enough to keep your interest. Reflecting upon it, I’d say the Production Value and overall feeling, and look of the film, as well as the music, really make it a cool experience to watch.

7.75 out of 10 Stars

January 4, 2012

The Dark Globe – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol… In Review

by 'Ard Pete

This past weekend while I spent New Years in Brighton me and a group of friends decided we’d go and see a film at the cinema, the choices were either Sherlock Holmes or the new Mission: Impossible film, I had already seen the former so I suggested seeing a bit of Tom Cruise.

Odeon cinema’s are definitely not my favourite places to go and watch a film, overpriced and undersized. But it was hammering it down with rain outside so I chose not to be picky. I’ve always been a big fan of the M:I franchise, the film franchise that is, not the mid-70s television series.

I will always remember the scene where Hunt is hanging inches above a pressure sensitive floor, one of the scenes that got me hooked on this series.

Hard to believe that film came out 18 years ago, the second followed with a new director John Woo, then J.J. Abrams took over the series making his film directorial debut, having spending his career beforehand creating awesome television shows. Abrams is definitely one of my favourite people in television and film at the moment as anything he creates is gold. Whether it be Lost, Alias, Fringe, reviving an ailing Star Trek franchise, making awesome monster movies in Super 8 and Cloverfield and the fact that he co-wrote my favourite all time film; Armageddon, this man is a genius.

The fourth film in the Mission: Impossible series did not disappoint, coupled with an awesome soundtrack from long time collaborator Michael Giacchino.


The Story; When a fellow agent is killed while on assignment Ethan Hunt is broken out of a Russian prison by Benji Dunn and Jane Carter to carry on the mission, it involves breaking into the Kremlin to retrieve information on a terrorist who is trying to get his filthy mits on some nuclear bomb codes. The Kremlin is then blown up and Hunt’s team are framed for the incident. The IMF (Impossible Missions Force) is then disbanded and it’s members listed as fugitives.

Meanwhile the terrorist is still on the loose and it’s up to Hunt and his team to stop them while at the same time clearing his team’s name, this eventually leads to an amazing scene in Dubai where Hunt has to climb up the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) using only mechanical suction gloves. The views this film presented at this point even made my stomach turn. There’s a moment where he free falls through the air, he does manage to survive but you need to see that scene to believe it.

How they even manage to build a structure like that building says so much for how we are progressing as a people and for it to be used in this film is immense. Anyway, a hand over goes wrong which creates more problems but they of course eventually get the launch control device, stop Armageddon and prove themselves innocent. A very brief recap of a two-hour and 13 minute film, one that is definitely worth seeing.

The ending of the film leaves room open for a fifth film to be produced though if the space between films follows the trend it has been doing don’t expect to see one for a while.



Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) – Tom Cruise returns in the role that helped make him famous, looking quite aged since his last appearance in a M:I film but doesn’t let it slow him down, he looks absolutely badass at the start of the film when he’s breaking out of the prison and not to mention the Dubai scene which I’m sure will become famous in itself and it carries on the trend of making us forget how really short he actually is and what a stupid religion he actually follows.

Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) – Simon Pegg returns and seems to be one of J.J.’s new favourite person to work with having him cast in his remake of Star Trek as well. His character has been promoted to field agent since the last film and does his job well providing the scared/brave comedy relief. So happy seeing Pegg on the rise to success in Hollywood and it’s well deserved having written his own British comedy in the TV series Spaced and films Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead, Run Fatboy Run and Paul just a name a few. The man is a comic genius and knows how to make people laugh even in a serious film such as this.

William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) – He stars in his first M:I film as a former field agent that becomes an analyst after failing to protect Hunt’s wife in a previous mission however he rejoins as an active field agent when he learns that Hunt’s wife is alive and well. He’s equally but secretly as badass as Cruise is… well not quite. Jeremy has the name and the face that many people recognize but not really sure where they recognize him from. I had this problem when I watched this film trying hard to remember just what else I’ve seen him in, though I was told he was in 28 Weeks Later I have never watched it. Well now I can say I’ve seen him in this! He also has a few big titles coming up over the next year including the starring role in the next Bourne film; The Bourne Legacy and will be starring as Hawkeye in the new Avengers film both coming out later this year.

Jane Carter (Paula Patton) – The team leader of an agent that was killed at the beginning of the film, eventually joins Hunt’s team and proves herself as a worthy agent. Natural beauty is always a plus when casting someone for the female lead. You may recognize Paula from films such as Hitch and Deja Vu though she only had a minor role in the former. She’s really just starting to get her acting career underway and is doing a fine job so far.

Michelle Monaghan makes a cameo appearance as Hunt’s wife at the end of the film and Ving Rhames reprises his role as Luther Stickell although in a much shorter cameo role aswell. Josh Holloway who was the primary reason why I wanted to see this film also stars, I was very disappointed that he was killed off too early and then even in his flash back didn’t show enough of how much his character could have been. I was hoping as this was Josh’s biggest role since Lost ended it would help him boost his career even more, although this film did nothing to boost his career and just made him look like the guy who got killed at the beginning of Mission: Impossible 4. His appearance in the first episode of Angel lasted longer than this, however I expect that the former Sawyer will eventually make it big time, he has the looks and the skills to make it.


Overall Rating; Even though the person I’d marry if I were gay, Josh Holloway was killed at the beginning of this film it’s still worth going to see. It lives up to the hype of all the previous Mission: Impossible films, the only downside is the lack of star power for the antagonists. While Cruise and co do a fantastic job, it just seemed like they were facing generic bad guys played by no named actors and at no point during the film did you feel that they could lose this one. A real shame as with some extra casting of familiar faces it would have made this film so much better sure it has the Michael Nyqvist from the Millenium film series but really, I can’t even pronounce his name. So even though they killed off Holloway and the bad guys are too bland, J.J. Abrams still did a great job in continuing the series and I’d still go and see the fifth film if he decides to. 7/10