The Dark Globe


THE DARK GLOBE – Backstory;

There once was a Writer, who longed to Write… But also… Longed to Connect with other Writers, and/or Artists


In all seriousness, The Dark Globe was part of where I Evolved to as a Writer during my Initial Blog Writing from the Middle of August, 2011, through the End of October, 2011, when I created this Site.

As much as I liked Creative Writing, I also love Journalism, and working with other Writer’s, and Artists.

My Hope was to bring many Different Writers, Photographers etc. Together on to one Site. There to Post, and Blend, and Create, as a Team, of Individualists.

Along with the help of “The Dark Globe’s” Contributors, we were able to Succeed in this.

The Dark Globe was basically a Writer’s Indulgence… Or, at least this Writer’s indulgence.



The Dark Globe Started on October 29th, 2011, and was halted on September 23rd, 2012

There Were 15 Contributors when the Site came to a Halt, and probably somewhere over 20 overall that Contributed to the Site. All of Their Content is still on the Site.

The Content (Some of the Categories);

Book Reviews

Confessions Of A West Coast Yankee Fan




Film Review

Health and Diet






Self Publishing

The Writer’s Voice

The Writing Craft

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