The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards

by darkjade68



Brought to you by The Dark Globe

Okay, so maybe this Blog is a bit young to be Issuing Awards to People…

But you know what, who makes the Rules for this sort of thing anyway.

As we approach  the End of 2011, I thought it might be kind of cool to Issue some Awards out to Fellow Bloggers, which will be determined by Fellow Bloggers, right here on this site… Out in the Open, where everyone can see what’s going on.

The Three Categories for The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards for the year 2011 are as follows…

1) Photographer of the Year

2) Writer of the Year

3) Blogger of the Year

Rules; (As of 12/18/2011) – These may be Altered along the way

1) No Single Blogger can win more than one of the 3 Categories… We want 3 Winners. People however Can Be Nominated for More than one Category initially, but when the Final 5 Per Category are Determined, they will only be allowed in One Category.

2) All Proposed Candidates must be Posted either here, or in The Thread (‘s) in the Forums for These Awards.

3) Anyone may Nominate anyone, but you can’t Nominate yourself.

4) There will be 5 Candidates for Each Category, this will be determined by how many times an Individual is Nominated… In other words, if you see someone already Nominated that you wanted to Nominate, Nominate them anyway, this will help us determine the Final 5 of each Category.*

  • December 18th Amendment, after we have determined which Nominees have been Nominated More than once, and thus become a Final Nominee, the remaining Preliminary Nominees shall be Presented to 3 of the Senior Writers of The Dark Globe (3 other than me that is), and those 3 will have the option to supply me with a list of their Favorites beyond the already established Final Nominees. If after I have received these lists, a few Final Spots are still yet to be determined, at that time I shall Review the Remaining Sites, and determine the Final Nominees.

5) I DarkJade will not be Nominating anyone, and I will not be Casting Votes once we have our Nominees. I will simply be doing the Administrative parts.

6) You can only Nominate 3 People Total, they do not need to be in different Categories.

7) When Voting begins, you may Vote Once Per Category… And not for yourself, lol. These Votes will be out in the open, so, if you are going to get upset at people for not Voting for you, Please Do Not Participate… This is being done as a way to Generate Fun, as well as an act of Appreciation towards those Nominated.

8 ) The Nominations Begin as of now 12/13/2011 PST USA. Hopefully we will have 5 Nominees per Category by 12/20/2011, which is when Nominations are over.

9) Voting for the Nominated will begin 12/21/2011, and will end 12/31/2011. I understand the Holidays are here, so hopefully that Eleven Day window will allow enough time for people to place their Votes.

10) The Winners will be Announced on January 1st, 2012… HAPPY NEW YEAR!! The Winners may then Place the Appropriate Award JPEG (Picture) on their site… There are 3 Different JPEGS (Pictures), One for Best Photographer, one for Best Writer, One for Best Blogger.

11) You may Advertise on your Individual Sites all you like, Promoting People to Nominate, or Vote for you… But Not in the Forums. Being Playful about it in the Award Threads themselves is fine though.

That’s All the Rules for now, I’ve never done this, so they may Change Along the way. The Rules Updated Date is at the Top of this List of Rules, I will change it if I change the rules.

Thanks for Listening/Reading, and Hopefully Participating!!



Editor/Creator and one of the Many Writers of The Dark Globe

80 Responses to “The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards”

  1. You missed out one of the images on the last part of your post you big silly 😛

    Anyway, I’ve not been here all year, only half of it so I’ll nominate the blogs I’ve most enjoyed reading/viewing since I’ve been here…

    Photographer of the year: Kirsty @ La Plume Noir
    Because all of her photo’s are beautiful, the detail in every photograph is immense, so immense it almost makes my little head explode!

    Writer of the year: Anna @ Insanity Aquarium
    Because she produces some of the finest writing every week on AQUARIUM MONDAYS~!

    Blogger of the year: ‘Arry @ dribblingpensioner
    Because whether he’s writing about something serious or humourous, I always feel entertained reading his posts and he is definitely not a boring pensioner (like the ones I know who don’t even know what a computer is =/)

    • Yeah, I was fixing it as you typed, lol

      Nice Nominations, the First Two are Two that I would have Nominated, and I see Dribb everywhere, he appears to be well liked.

      Thanks for The Nominations Pete


  2. This is so awesome 😀
    Now I have to think of who to nominate. There are just so many great people out there.

  3. Photographer of the year:

    Writer of the year:

    Blogger of the year:

    I would like to be mentioned as an important member of the jury when the award is handed out. Lol

  4. Thank you Pete! I am truly honoured to be nominated.

    For me I shall nominate:

    Photographer of the Year:
    Amazing portraiture!

    Writer of the Year:
    Great writer! Love his work.

    Blogger of the Year:
    Been through one hell of a year, but has managed to survived through the ups and downs.

  5. Thats great to be nominated, thanks Pete, and thanks for your comment as well darkjade68.

    I’ll have to go and get 3 links now, i’ll be back.

  6. Ok, thats my 3, i tried to pick different ones to give other people a chance to win this wonderful award ( crawling on all fours )

    Photographer of the year:-

    Writer of the year:-

    Blogger of the year:-

  7. I’m flabbergasted! My flabber is so gasted it’s reeling. I can’t believe that my little blog has received a nomination. Thanks so much (I don’t see it here, but it must be somewhere). I’ll be back with some links shortly.

  8. Nice one DarkJade 😉

    Choosing 3 people is harder than I thought, they are so many talented writers out there…let me continue pondering on this 😉

  9. It’s surprising what you find when you investigate WordPress! Can I join in. I’m new to blogging. I’ll nominate 3 and you can delete if it’s wrong.

    Good blog:

    Good photography:

    Good writer:

    Good idea darkglobe

  10. Blogger: Marie is very inspiring!
    Writer/Poet: Abi writes the best poems ever…
    Photography: Vlad takes amazing pictures!

  11. I’ll nominate

    for Photographer of the Year

    That is well written and has great photographs.


    for Blogger of the Year.

    For Writer of the Year.

    I could nominate many other blogs, but i think these three are the ones that have been outstanding this year.

    Good luck everyone…

  12. Good blog:

    will have a think about the other two categories!

  13. What a surprise! Thanks for the nomination! 🙂

  14. Can i still make a nomination?? if yes then here goes,
    best photographer he creates interesting creative pictures.
    Best writer because her poems always leave me wanting more
    Best blogger because she has an awesome fashion blog.. 🙂
    BTW.. I think what you are doing is awesome.. 😀

  15. I’m not sure who I will vote for yet. There are just too many good sites that I love. So far the nominations are great. You could vote for any of the nominess and have a winner. I am adding my own nominations of sites that I think are outstanding, and haven’t been nominated yet.
    Writer of the year: Janece at
    Photographer of the year: mark at
    Blogger of the year: Lorna at

    • Thanks for the Nominations Pdk… I’m glad you got Mark, as he would have been my Third Nominee if I was partaking in the Nominations… He is truly an Excellent Photographer


      • Thanks for your intent of nominating me darkjade68. I could not be more privileged hearing from others that they like my works. I just feel sad I can’t nominate the others as I am having some trouble finding time to evaluate and browse the works of other artists. I hope I can participate more actively the next time we’ll be doing this.

        • Ha, I didn’t Nominate you, Pdk did… As I’m not partaking in Nominating, or Voting after the Final 5 of each Category has been determined… But I’m glad you were Nominated, as you would have been one of my 3 Nominations, should I have partaken… I love your Photography… You may not have gotten to Nominate anyone This Year, but perchance you can partake in Voting for the Finalists, as the Voting will go from December 21st through December 31st…

          Good Luck, and Gratz Mark


    • Oh, thank you so very much for this nomination! What an exciting way to start my Monday! :)_

    • Hey, Pete, Thanks so much for this nomination! I just got notified that I’m a finalist! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for the nomination. It is a great privilege as an amateur photographer 😀

  16. I would like to nominate David Agnew for the writer of the year award 🙂

  17. I am thrilled and humbled to have been nominated for this award and would like to first nominate Abi back for writer at:
    for the photographer award: His weekly photo challenges are fabulous
    for blogger of the year: He is an inspiration and does it with wit, wisdom and style
    Good luck to everyone!! Blessings, Terri

  18. Thanks developing this award. For a “young blog” you sure do have a great following!

    • Some are Our Followers, some are Followers of our Crew Members, and or Blogs that they Follow… Some are Nominees of our Nominees, lol Etc, Etc

      Thanks for your kind words


  19. glad to be nominated and thank you LaPlumeNoir for nominating!

  20. I have to nominate for blogger. I have been following and loving how she starts my day with laughter and tears. Lorna touches much that is basic human.

    I want to nominate for photographer. Her blog is wonderful to read, but it’s the pictures full of people’s faces that make me feel as if I’d been there.

    As for writer, there are so many wonderful writers, I don’t know where to start.

  21. I too want to express my satisfaction with I want to nominate her for Dark Globe blogger of the year award. I love her writing and think she has great potential.

  22. My nomination and vote for blogger of the year:

    Lorna’s Voice:

    My nomination and vote for photographer of the year:

    Lady Fi:

  23. Thank you so much for my nomination!

  24. Thank you to Ina for my nomination.

    I shall now retreat into a darkened room whilst I ponder my nominations 🙂


  25. It’s an honor to be nominated by friend and fellow blogger Nuvofelt. There are so many deserving writers, photographers and bloggers. I’m certain the best will be selected in the end. To have been mentioned is already a win for me. It affirms my ability to write what others might enjoy.

    hugs for dedicating time and space to recognize others…hugmamma. 🙂

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