Plot Structures

by quillwielder
Before you get into writing your plot I thought I’d give you some information on plot structure. It is important to know the different types of structures out there. It can help you with what sort of plot you want for your story. There structures can be used for film and plays as well.
So here they are:
  • Three Act Structure – As the name suggests this is a structure with three acts. In the first act there is the introduction of the main problem and plot point one where something major happens. Going into the second act, there is the mid-point (the middle of the story), plot point two and the tension/ stakes get higher and higher. The third act sees the tension rise to the highest point and climax occurs.
  • Parallel Storytelling – Basically this is two stories that overlap each other. So two stories (A and B); the B story finishes before the A. The B story can also be a metaphoric mirror of story A.
  • Circular Structure – Just think about a circle, where your story starts is where it ends.
  • Integrated Stories – This can be any number of stories that are integrated; one after the other. They lead to a major event at the end.
  • Double-Act Reversal – Set up something in the first half and reverse it in the second half. An example of this is someone doesn’t care about something in the first half and in the second half they do care.
  • Fragmented Stories – No cause and effect connection in this structure. The stories are all random.
  • Flashback – No brainer here. Your story can start off in the present and then flashback and work it’s way back to the present.
  • One Beginning, Many Stories, One Ending – This one I made a name for as it didn’t have one when I learnt about it. Basically you introduce a few characters. A big event occurs, than we follow the stories of each character to the end. There is then a final resolution at the end involving all characters. My best example of this is the movie Crash.
So have a read and a think about these structures. I’m sure there are many more out there, maybe even do some of your own research. Good luck and take your time.

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